About us

Do you want to optimize the popularity of your business to all online users? Business owners who are looking for the best way to optimize the popularity of their company, product and services can relatively rely to us. We, at Florida Web Enterprise can provide aid to those people who need to have new websites, redesigning old websites, logo creation, SEO/SEM, mobile design and many more. It is very important to have such services so that you can acquire more clients and establish good company’s images. We are the leading company that can give excellent and effective services to all business owners in Florida.

It is very important to avail those services because it can help many business owners in Florida attract the attention of online visitors and turn them into their new consumers. Through acquiring a better website, logos, SEO and many more, you can also effectively optimize the popularity of your site, company, products and services. We make use of the latest versions of the Adobe Creative Suite, including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator and more so that we can effectively provide excellent services and output to all our clients.

We, at Florida Web Enterprise continually aim for innovation so that we can meet and satisfy the demand of all our clients. All our staffs are equipped with knowledge, professionalism and expertise and experience so that all our clients can acquire high satisfactory output from us. We can help you acquire business success through empowering you to have best website, logo design and many more. We use effective software and application so that you can obtain high quality and effective services from us. To meet the demand of our clients is one of our company’s priorities. We can assure you that Florida Web Enterprise is always ready to help and serve you.

  • Web DesignOpen or Close

    We specialize in web design. With experience since the 90's we've been fortunate enough to grow with the industry. Our development team works with the latest Adobe products to give you the best results.

      Languages we work with:
    1. HTML
    2. CSS
    3. HTML5
    4. CSS3
    5. PHP
    6. MySQL
    7. JQuery
    8. Javascript

  • Responsive DesignsOpen or Close

    As the use of mobile Internet continues to grow, it is important that your site is mobile-friendly. Normally, this is not a major concern. Your site should be designed for desktop users and a specially designed website for mobile users. But no need to design sites for desktop and mobile view differently. Responsive web design has solved the problem.

  • Contact FormsOpen or Close

    Let us set up those contact forms right. Protect them, we can customize them to have requirements and remove the majority of spammers and bots from constantly taking up your email storage.

  • MarketingOpen or Close

    Marketing is a massive field. One of the main things needed to market yourself is having a good reputation. We work with reputation management and ensure your company has high ratings. It gives your customers and potential customers ease of mind that they are at the right place.

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The social media world is wonderful evergrowing market on the internet. With the proper product and presentation, this may be the best way to interact and engage with those smart phone gazing social media users.

  • AdwordsOpen or Close

    You've got to spend money to make money. One of the most powerful advertising tools on the internet today is Google AdWords. We set up campaigns with effective titles and descriptions to engage your audience. Get with us for a free evaluation, we will study your highest volume trending keywords and set up the best plan of action for your business. With a monitoring system, we make sure your money is being well spent and not overpaying.

  • EventsOpen or Close

    No events planned at the moment. Please check back later.

  • CMSOpen or Close

    Looking for a content management system? We've worked extensively with Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, and many other CMS's.

  • ContactOpen or Close

    To find out more about any of these topics or have questions about anything else feel free to email us at @ or go to our contact page and fill out a form. We look forward to hearing from you!